The Dunhill Blues (Syd) with Kim Orchard

Saturday, 17 September, 9pm $6.

The Dunhill Blues are the noisiest bunch of malcontents this side of the petticoat. They play rock n roll… in the proper kind of rock n roll, and they play anywhere, anytime.
The Dunhill Blues are indestructible. Their rehearsal space has burnt to the ground, and the van’s been stolen (more than once). They have also survived the sudden death of founding member and beloved friend, Kristen McCall (4/4/77-29/4/09). The Dunhill Blues are just regular guys trying to get by.

“The mighty Dunhill Blues – easily the most under-rated rock’n’roll band in the country” – Murray Engleheart, THE BRAG (Sydney)

“The hope diamond in a window of Pandora’s bracelets” – The Barman, (Sydney)

“I fucking love it, very cool shit,… made my day”- Matt, THUNDERSTORMS AND NEON SIGNS 4ZZZ FM (Brisbane)

“The Dunhill Blues pillage many a back catalogue to get where they want to go, but in doing so have created something eminently listenable that’s also a ute-load of fun. Most definitely it’s this particular style of Rock n Roll – with it’s sing-along choruses, bar room anthems and tongue in cheek stylings – that folks of a certain age will recall fondly from a time when you could still smoke in pubs” – Jeremy Sheaffe, THE BEAT (Melbourne)

The Dunhill Blues play with local bluesman, Kim Orchard.

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