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Artists/ Bands that have played at Happy Yess!

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2 Cats 1 Hat

Three female MC’s, Won Wing, Tree Rat and DMP, spit lines to the phat bass lines of Mr Blok and Mega Jess on drums. Hip hop mash scrittety scratch bash. Attention-seeking theatrical stage antics, passion power and electric, shows ever-changing and eclectic.

8Ball Aitken
8ball came, he saw, he conquered… blues, country, whichever you prefer, this guy lifts the roof… from QLD, but lives in a place you and I will never know
Adam Ryan

Adam Ryan plays Celtic Blues, and has done for the last 20 or so years. Recently moved to Darwin, don’t miss this unique one man show.

The All Ordinaries

A band from Sydney who describe themselves as “country and inner-western”, these four musicians make pop music with an appealing amount of self-deprecating heart and soul.

Ame Lokz

Ame has played at places such as 303 in Melbourne, Bar Me in Sydney, The Bodhi Tree in Healsville, Fireworks Cafe in Austinmere, and such festivals as Woodford, Peats Ridge and Folk Rhythm and Life. She has just one EP under her belt, but will seek to rectify that situation because she likes to share her music.

Anna Boustead

Anna Boustead is a singer/songwriter inspired by stories of humanity and the sounds created by artists such as Neil Finn, Muse, PJ Harvey and Jewel. Her songs capture the isolation, rhythm and power of the Australian landscape, as beautiful melodies and captivating, heartfelt lyrics take the listener on a journey from the ocean to the desert and back again.

The bedroom philosopher
yep, he played here…
Ben Slip

Ben was born in Australia’s Red Centre and learned his trade playing songs around the campfire accompanied by beats on the billycan. While travelling around the world, Ben has been composing and playing his songs with a balance of melodies, grunge and beats and home-grown lyrics about life, love, home and world issues.

Ben Twomey

Ben Twomey grew up in Darwin, moved to Brisbane, and is back briefly to visit. Acoustic roots would be a good description of his style, and he doesnt mind writing the odd song about going fishing!


Birdwave play instrumental rare groove, seamlessly moving from funk, to soul to reggae. They are a 4 piece, with Hammond organ, bass, drums and percussion. They also moonlight as George Rrurrumbu’s (from Warumpi Band) backing band. For my money, they are the smoothest, coolest band in town.

The Bloody Marys

This is a band made up of Kane Stewart from Greedy Stout, Zeb Olsen and Gaia Osbourne from Elemental and Jodie North from the Steve Holliday Alternative. Playing some of Kane’s rockin’ original tunes, don’t be suprised to hear some familiar songs by Nick Cave, Joy Division and even Echo and the Bunnymen!


Blastcorp is Kris Keogh. He makes beats and bleeps on his computer, then sings songs to them. He has played across Australia and released 4 albums and 4 EPs since 2000. His latest record ‘chrysanthemum’ is out now on shiny vinyl picturedisc and available from happy yess!

Brooke Barnett

A songwriter and performer with diverse influences, Brooke Barnett’s eclectic range of original music evokes a groovy, seductive mix of ambiences which brings to mind tropical swoony nights with funky-jazzy South American rhythms. Proficient in the genres of jazz, blues, funk, soul, country and folk, Brooke is a truly versatile performer and songwriter who brings together many equally talented musicians to the stage.


Three local musicians who amaze themselves that they actually did the same thing together long enough to have the time to even think of a band name without someone moving interstate or getting a covers gig or a real job or even slight glimpses of the reality that they’re trying to play original music in Darwin and immediately coming to thier senses. They play original music that covers a bit of the spectrum but mainly hovers over the bit that says “raw”.


A blues and rock musician at heart, Carra’s music also draws influence from a vast range of styles. Carra’a dynamic musical style is coupled with his flexibility in the instruments he chooses to perform with depending on whether he is playing solo or backed by his band, consisting of drummer/percussionist, JJ and bassist, James Bruce. Playing with the band provides Carra’s performance with a much more full bodied and gutsy sound, while his solo performances are more intimate and dynamic where richness and texture is provided by the interchanging of Carra’s stomp box, guitars and pedals.

Catherine Traicos

Sydney singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos offers up a unique blend of deeply personal stories and resilient humour delivered with a lush, sultry feel.

Cerebellum Experience

catherine traicos

A two-piece band of multi-instrumentalists, these prolific Darwin folks are also members of the Fairweather Dolls, but this is their nice band.

Chris Matthews

If you took a pinch of blues, threw in some country on acid, added some generous proportions of good foot stompin’ rock and roll and topped it all off with sheer brute force and passion then you may come close to the power and energy that is Chris Matthews.


Chuan aka Justin Moon has been in producing electronic music and DJing around Darwin for hundreds of years. Yet after such a long incubation period still is yet to produce a single album. This is the bain marie of his existence and looks to be for sometime yet.

Cinco Locos

This Darwin-based 5-piece cut and paste their influences from across the globe, blending an energetic mix of electronica, jazz, dub and latino sounds into fresh danceable tracks. Cinco Locos present a different flavour of Aussie hip hop; tropical and intelligent with cheeky humor and clever word play. Cinco’s vocalist Byron Williams also performs with The Herd.


Claptrap made their debut in early ’06 busting a set of improvised genius thus creating the seed which grew into an original and robust urban quartet. Influenced by old school hip hop and electro styles, this band has the dynamic to transcend genres.

Cloudy Davey

A genuinely diverse Diva of rich talent, Cloudy Davey’s refreshingly original music is a wonderfully eclectic mix of musical temperaments that draws from both traditional and contemporary roots. Adept in the genres of Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, Funk and Soul, Cloudy is a truly versatile performer and songwriter.

Combat Wombat

Sonically rugged and funky, Monkey Marc’s beats draw their influence from 70s reggae, Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad and the golden era hip hop of the early 1990s. The album moves from A-grade head thunkin’ hip hop to seriously heavy dub reggae, all laced with relevant and politically charged vocals and samples, with ARIA award winning DJ Wasabi providing cuts.


Cooperblack is Darwin-based, three piece pop/rock/electro band. Simon (the Hungarian) is the mad professor, bending keys and theramin the way Hendrix would have if he were born in ‘land of zero axes’. Oliver [the German] is the funniest and has seen more bands play than we have had hot dinners combined, bringing those performances and vivid recollections to Cooperblack. Jeremy (the Australian])studied classical music and has vast music retail and back catalogue brain, but don’t hold that against him. New album “Pop…My Art is Bleeding” released in June 2008.

The Country Town Collective

Formed in Adelaide at the end of 2005, the band started out as a three piece alt country outfit, gradually expanding to a five piece. The band today features an evolving line-up spanning several cities that includes singer-songwriter Alice Rae on guitar/vocals, Alex Carpenter on guitar/bass/vocals, Susie Chittleborough on bass/vocals, Glenn Fraser on guitar, Michelle Gray on percussion, Adrian ‘Muggsy’ Riessen (Mens Sana) on guitar and drums, Kim Orchard on slide guitar, Robin Bugden on bass, Anja Bretfeld on percussion/vocals and Lucy Brown on percussion/vocals.

Crimson Ice

Metal-styled rock band Crimson Ice consists of five members: Michael, Gene, Rodrigo, Chris and Joel. Coming out of the legendary VET music program in Darwin, these guys are quickly becoming a big name in the local original music scene.

Culture Connect

Culture Connect are a seven-piece live hip-hop outfit originally hailing from Darwin, with half the crew now calling Bris-Vegas home. Featuring four MCs and a band made up of bass, guitar, drums, and samples via MPC and keyboard, the crew bring a dynamic live show that is renowned to get the crowd amped up and dancing while still delivering food for thought.

Darren Hanlon

Darren Hanlon is an Australian singer/songwriter. His finely crafted, folk-inspired pop songs invest the politics of love and relationships, smaller personal issues and objects of less consequence with a surprising magic. His is that rare ability to present the commonplace as special. This is observation with wonder, a wistful world seen anew with innocent eyes.

David Garnham

David Garnhams’ adolescence revolved around Tim Rogers and Paul Kelly, resulting in honest, thoughtful songs as dirty as the sleeve
his heart is on. Originally from Melbourne, he now resides in Darwin town. He is also now heavily overweight.

Death Wish

These guys love their metal and play it the way it should be played – fast and loud. They are becoming a standard at Happy Yess’ infamous ‘Metal Nights”. Influences: Metallica, Pantera, Test Theory, Cannibal Corpse, amongst others.


Some famous guy from america came to rock Happy Yess. He’s into Hollertronix or something…

Double Entendre

Sounding like a pack of untamed gypsies singin’, pickin’, screamin’ and skankin’ with flailing limbs to a grinding Balkan barbershop-doof-quartet at a drunken barnyard rasta hoedown, Double Entendre’s own high-energy style of ‘GypRock’ shakes, stirs and recklessly pounds together genres of world music, gypsy jazz, roots and dub into their own intoxicatingly dancy original concoction.


Elemental is Darwin’s only all-original Female trio, digging up honest, groove-based, roots-inspired tunes. Frontwoman Aly de Groot is a raw and passionate vocalist and songwriter who seamlessly combines the personal with the politcal. She is also is famous for breaking her g- strings on stage. They have been making music around Darwin since early 2006.

Emma Rowe

Emma is a local young singer songwriter with a style that has been described as “like unicorns bathing in rivers of honey”. Her influences are Missy Higgins, Amy Lee from Evanescence, Lily Allen, Paramore and Kate Miller-Heidke.

Enth Degree

Local boys Levi, Aaron, Matthew and Ambrose show influences beyond their years in a passionate homage to seventies rock and eighties metal, Darwin-style.


Incorporating many brilliant local musicians to support Bonnie Galea’s songs of experience and chance. Ambient and funky acoustic grooves with a touch of foreign influence is Esh!

The Fairweather Dolls

Darwin three-piece band playing a tortured and beautiful love-soaked noise with lyrics about friendship and pain.

The Feedback Orchestra

This is a Darwin collective of dedicated noisemakers vaguely organised by Kris Keogh (Blastcorp), originally formed for a Sonic Youth tribute night. 20 amps strong, your parents (and especially your grandparents) will hate it.

Francis Diatschenko

Ex-punk rocker turned jazz gypsy troubadour, this classically trained virtuoso guitarist plays and composes music like it’s all he cares about. And when he plays Happy Yess the faithful fall over themselves to see it.

Freedom Summers

Freedom is the folk reggae queen of Darwin. Her sincerity has the power to make you smile and laugh at the same time. If you get a chance to see the show, don’t hesitate, you’ll not regret it.

Genevieve Graves

Ex-local artist Mel Stringer in her Genevieve Graves persona writes strange and beautiful songs, accompanying herself on a range of instruments creating tiny worlds of magic and discovery.

Greedy Stout

Formed in 2005 by long time friends Kane Stewart (guitar, vocals) and Tony Frey (drums, vocals), Greedy Stout was the chance, after years of playing in different bands and different states, for the two of them to get together and create their own band.  Immediately joined by Lewis Parsons on viola and Aya Laurie on bass they toyed with different genres of music before deciding to concentrate on Stewart’s own Celtic/ska/punk style compositions.

The Green Mist

Primarily the instigation of singer-songwriter Julien Poulson, The Green Mist is a Tasmanian-based ensemble that borrows the amazing talents of, amongst others, Beasts Of Bourbon guitarists Spencer P Jones and Charlie Owen, and Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie. Their music is a brooding affair, as mysteriously enticing as it is stylistically varying.

The Groovesmiths

The Groovesmiths feature Gavin Shoesmith, the original bassist in the platinum-selling, ARIA Award-winning John Butler Trio. One of Australia’s premier roots musicians, Gavin then went on to lead Darwin’s ‘Katamaran’. Renegade rhythm and roots are the Groovesmiths!

Harry Kennedy

Harry is a singer songwriter from Melbourne. He has a set involving guitar and harmonica and loves everything about the ocean.

Hollow Zero

Bringing pure energetic death metal to Darwin flavoured with classics like Carcass and Bolt Thrower, these guys can be relied on for gut-wrenching vocals and burning riffs. It’s a thankless task, but someone’s got to do it.

Horse Trank

Horse Trank is an indie rock band formed in Darwin ages ago…..

Made up of Colin Holt on drums and vocals , Stu Kellaway on bass and vocals, Cal Williams on guitar and vocals, Colin Simpson on guitar and vocals and Kris Keogh on guitar, bass and vocals. Kris only gets to play when someone else doesn’t show up….Have released 2 albums, ‘Scungy’ in 99 and ‘Bad Luck’ in 06. The single ‘Cyclone Surf” from the 1st CD was released in Brazil on an Australian Surf Compilation CD in 2002. The music has been described as scungy.

Hussy Hicks

These two girls are great friends who have an absolute ball playing music together. Based in Brisbane, their two-part harmonies and dual acoustic guitars have taken them around the globe playing everything from coffee houses to huge rock festivals.

Ill Starred Captain

A couple of chaps from Port Lincoln who sound like “a beautiful wooden ship sailing gracefully into the air and suddenly exploding above the crowd at an AFL grand final, raining down wood and wire and great sheets of light… and you can dance to it!”

Janna Mercedes

Described as ‘progressive pop-rock’ the sound which is Janna Mercedes is built from elements of rock, soul, with a little jazz thrown in. She says its what happens to a piano player who can’t decide between Foo Fighters and Norah Jones.

Jess Ribeiro

Jess is a modest kind of girl with a HUGE talent. Every time she plays Happy Yess she pulls out a little something special, something new. Her cute and quirky songs often have a dark side that make them real and believeable.


Jigsaw was originally a jazz band but over the years they added a heavy metal drummer and rock guitarist to the mix, creating some interesting original songs. Having formed in 2004 for a one-off gig they’ve been happily married ever since.

John Leon

John Leon is has had a lifelong passion for music and anything creative. He is a singer songwriter who has played in a number of different bands such as Ainkle, Just, Us and Lethal Weapon.

June Mills

June Mills and her guitar playing sisters Alyson and Barbara have received widespread acclaim at national events. During their extensive career, they supported the likes of Charlie Pride and Tina Turner. In certain sectors of Darwin June’s music is near legendary. While family and other interests have slowed the activities of the Mills Sisters, June has became more involved in her own art and has continued to be a fighter for social justice, human rights and environmental issues. She has dedicated her life to the Larrikia people and her ambition is to leave something behind for the people’s children.


Brisbane-based Jad Dapat and James Mangohig both have roots in the Philippines and share years of musical experience, with national tours and high rotation airplay in both the Philippines and Australia. A diverse range of music incorporating futuristic sounds with tribal roots.

Kim Orchard

Originally from Christmas Island, Kim Orchard is a local singer/songwriter with passion, talent and a debut album to prove it. His bluesy, folk inspired guitar playing and vocals are clever, witty and honest.

Leah Flanagan

Leah Flanagan is a singer-songwriter. Born and bred in Darwin, Leah has performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and extensively along the East Coast. Trained in classical music at the Adelaide Conservatorium, Leah now writes and performs songs that reflect folk and jazz influences. Support highlights include: Neil Murray, Tom E. Lewis, Jillaine Jones, WildWater, Sara Storer, Shellie Morris and Frank Yamma.

The Lookarounds

The Lookarounds is Steve Holliday’s new band with Andrew Boys. It’s an FX Guitar-oriented combo featuring a broad range of good-time music. Kind of jazz-country-bossa-blues-world filtered through individual sensibilities.


Lotus emerged in early 2005 as a collaboration of Darwin-based singer/songwriters Colleen Bates and Susan Bisset. Lotus delivers a powerful blend of rich harmonies, original heartfelt lyrics in a selection of acoustically driven earthy, folk and alternative blues.

Luke Going

Luke Going is an emerging artist who hails from Brisbane. Moved to Darwin at the start of 2007, has begun playing solo around Darwin just recently. Hopefully expanding into a small ensemble soon, and will play under the name ‘Silhouette the Sun’. The sound is an infusion of Elliott Smith, Tom Waits and some original herbs & spices thrown in for flavour…

Mark Hilton

Mark is an ex-Melbourne singer/songwriter/guitarist now living in Darwin. He writes songs with honesty and a sardonic sense of humour. Mark believes “you can’t reinvent the wheel – but there’s nothing wrong with knocking the spokes out and using it as a hula hoop”.


Marty is a local singer/songwriter who favours the Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King style of solo guitar thing, with a bit of ACDC thrown in.

Matt Ryder

Local boy whose rootsy style could be compared to John Butler or Ben Harper, though his songs and playing have a powerful, uptempo percussive edge. Guitarists should come and check him out to be blown away by the guy’s skills – two handed tapping, hitting the guitar, harmonics everywhere… what can’t he do?

The Morning After

Comprised of experienced musicians Alex Brindell (drums), Matt Ryder (bass) and Lachlan Parsons (guitar/vocals), The Morning After play an original blend of alternative pop/rock with influences ranging from Split Enz, Muse and Led Zepplin, to Something For Kate and Tool.


Moses play a mostly-instrumental style of glorious melodic power noise with pockets of deep contemplation and restraint within symphonies of pure music that has no narrative but is about music and art and ideas.

The Moving Targets

Comprised of bits and pieces of the Darwin music scene, this folk/pop supergroup debuted at Bass in the Grass 2008 and has continued to perform whenever they can get everyone on the same stage. Featuring David Garnham, Leah Flanagan, G Boenkendorf and Alex Brindell.

The Moxie

Alice Springs band The Moxie plays indie styles from garage to acoustic-folk to post-punk and hard pop rock. Their sound has been compared to Powderfinger, Arctic Monkeys, Gyroscope, The Clash and Paul Kelly.

My Brother, My Killer

The first band to play at Happy Yess ever. Change their name weekly. This local three piece has the makings of a thoughtful and beautiful sounding avant rock setup. The blueprint for this outfit is provided by early Robert Smith, british and melancholic. Noisy too!

The Neo

Born on the turn of the millennium, Neo is a performance-based band from Darwin producing high energy musical shows that are a potent mix of funk, rock and pop.


Ex-Melbourne DJ Bashment Jack’s monthly Darwin thang with guest DJ’s and performers.

Nigel Swifte

Nigel is a little bit country and a fair bit above your average singer songwriter. He’s got a depth and sensitivity that has been aptly labelled ‘contemporary Finn-folk’.


The front end of hard rock locals Flesh Petal, her solo stuff diverts to a trad singer/song writer vibe. Nira exhibits her talent with soulful piano and guitar as well as thought provoking lyrics. A real talent with so much future ahead. Keep your eye out for performances near you.

Olde School

Olde School is a band that loves metal, love the fans, LOVES DRINKING, and most of all, just loves playing live and moshing out with their fellow metallers.

Pott Street

Pott Street came together as a group in the mid 90′s as the natural progression of a shared love of Hip Hop culture and music between close friends growing up on the same street in Darwin, Pott Street. Comprising four members with four distinct styles, Pott Street has a sound that can be described as unique within the Australian Hip Hop community. From live instrumentation, to classic break beats and sampling, brash ryhmes and catchy hooks to amazing female vocals, Pott Street always delivers with a laid back ease typical of the Darwin lifestyle.

The Presley Boys

These seasoned Darwin musicians play gorgeous songs which are given just enough rough treatment to make them unforgettable. Stalwarts of Happy Yess, they always present a melodic sonic attack with lyrics from the heart.


Presseject is inspired by a girl-driven tech electro universe. In the presseject universe ironing boards are used as keyboard stands instead of washing. Music comes from a jack cable and happiness comes from pressing buttons, moving faders, knobs and modulation wheel. The two members of presseject write, record and mix all their own music. Disguised as a computer programmer and sound technician by day, the pair turn into electro-superstars by night, finding their lime-light in DIY and warehouse venues where the art runs thick.

Rebecca Moore

Rebecca is a gifted songwriter from NSW with the ability to transport audiences on an emotional and metaphorical journey. She has been compared to Tracey Chapman, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan, however she maintains a distinct individuality and an awesome creative presence.

Red Plum & Snow

red plum & snow is the band of kris and gretchen. they play guitars and sing sweet songs. see for yourself…

Roy Mackonkey

In 1997, four young Darwin musicians gave life to the band known to us as Roy Mackonkey. Within a year they headlined the Top End’s Australian Music Day concert and gained national radio airplay after recording an EP ‘The Quality of Meat’ with then Triple J producer Chris Thompson. Roy has shared the bill with a vast array of bands including, The Henry Rollins Band, Grinspoon, Dissociatives, The Superjesus, Magic Dirt, The Cruel Sea, Jebediah, You am I, The Living End, Painters and Dockers, Even, 28 Days, Mark Seymour, Motor Ace, Mental As Anything, The Screaming Jets, Slim Dusty.

Sanna Lund

A Swedish singer songwriter now living in Melbourne, Sanna says of songwriting “composing songs is comparable to housecleaning. It’s a matter of sorting your shit out. Sometimes it’s easy. Especially if you’re angry. Sometimes it’s hard and boring. But neccesary. Sometimes you just dust off the shelves. Sometimes you get rid of everything at once. Sometimes no one but you notices. Sometimes it all ends up in a hopeless pile in your backyard, And sometimes it makes someone else happy”.

Sascha Ion and the Voodoo Economic

Citing influences from Ike & Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones to Tom Waits and PJ Harvey, Sascha is joined by Andrew Fuller and drummer extraordinaire, Shaun ‘Chirpy’ Lohoar to create music with a smoky, bluesy intensity.

Scarlet Revenge

Formed due to a general unquenchable passion for music, Scarlet Revenge has been a long time in the making. However, it took some talking, a bit of persuasion and a lot of arm-twisting to finally get the ball rolling after a few years of the band members knowing that each other existed.


Shmaltz is one of Darwin’s best kept musical secrets. Well, not for long anyway! When not whipping up a PhD on shellfish (or something), Mark Schultz makes beautiful, intricate electronica.

The Secret Game

Slick power-pop trio from Adelaide.


Semishigure formed in Darwin in September 2008. They are a three-piece band whose lyrics are all in Japanese. They like talking, singing and thinking in Japanese as well as eating yummy Japanese food. They have just released their first EP and consider themselves the only Japanese punk pop band in Darwin.


Screamo/Rock band Senseofhope was formed in 2005 with guitarist and vocalist Arvin Balmes, drummer Tor Trethowan and guitarist Luke Gray.

Sex In The Desert

I don't know Original music is a central and passionate foundation for this band and they are very keen to get topical and thought provoking ideas out into the community, without touching on tiring baseline politics, through dynamic live performance. If songs like, Leader of Our Nation, Forty Fat and Funky, and Artificial Lover sound interesting, this band is a must to see live.

Shanna Watson

Shanna Watson

Originally from Newcastle in NSW, Shanna is on her way around Australia exploring and playing solo gigs along the way. Her band, birdsandbelles, has an album due out at the end of the year. As a solo act, Shanna’s music is a more mellow mix of blues and folk which stems from a love of storytelling and simple, honest lyrics.


Shayote is an emerging singer/songwriter of twelve years based in the Northern Territory. Many of these years were spent traveling around Australia experiencing the life and freedom of the open road, this, along with the earth, environment, love, life, mythology and ritual are her greatest influences when writing songs.

Shellie Morris

Shellie MorrisShellie is an indigenous Darwin based singer/songwriter who has been performing her songs throughout Australia for the past 4 years. She was nominated for Australia’s Deadly Vibe Awards in 2002 and has supported many bands including Yothu Yindi and Magic Dirt. Shellie’s strength is in her songwriting, vocal ability and lyrical content. She enjoys working with indigenous communities and youth throughout Australia and helping young people to write music about their experiences.

Sideshow Aly
Sideshow Aly
Aly de Groot from Elemental plays personal melodic tunes in her alternate incarnation with a heap of personality and attitude.
James and Caiti B always sell-out, pack out, clap out, and astound Happ Yess audiences, with their mix of soul and squech, heart and beats.
Silent Empire

Erin, Gemma and Jess play dark girl pop that is delightfully rough around the edges, topped with deceptively sweet vocals.

Single Vehicle Rollover
David Dalrymple is a Darwin-based recording and performing artist known for his work with Territory rock guitar virtuoso John Rog

Skipping Girl Vinegar

Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar call themselves an ‘old world, alt acoustic four piece obsessed with melody, pop hook and the search to stretch their song-craft’.

Snapsuit and Friends

The Herd producer, Snapsuit, breaks away from the pack to perform his original tunes with Darwin’s cream of the crop, Kris Keogh, Lukas Bendel, Gavin Farley and Eamon Holigan. Layers of guitars, banjo and flute, on-stage banter to rival the best and worst and many a rock posture.

Starlight Motel

Starlight Motel is the new band for Zeb and Kylie from Elemental. They show their true punk rock colours with heartfelt tunes, heavy-handed drumming, and warmly distorted guitar.

Steve Holiday Alternative

Hailing from Darwin, this original torch and twang country/blues cabaret combo plays easy-going good-time music with a mix of yarns, urban poetry and country harmonies.

Stephanie Falconer

Formerly of Sardine – legendary punk band from Sydney – these days Stephanie only plays gigs in her own house, inviting the public into her home for romantic and intimate evenings while she entertains on the baby grand. However, we have connections, and she played for an astounded Happy Yess crowd songs intensely intimate and raw, intensely beautiful.

Straight Skirt

Rod Baalam, Gretchen Ennis and Bill Searle from Crimpolene team up with Zeb Olsen on drums for a rockin’ emotional melodic ride through the ups and downs of Darwin life and love.
Super Raelene Bros

In the style of the White Stripes, the Raelene Bros are a unique two-piece that completely take over the stage and conquer the audience using just bass, kick drum and violin, this truly has to be seen to be believed. Show me any other two musicians able to get a crowd dancing as one within seconds of opening up their massive kick drum and cranking the bow like a sawn-off.

Surrender the Dead

Formerly Death Wish, these guys are growing up in public, and on the Happy Yess stage no less, and they’re getting fiercer and more searingly metal as each day passes. It brings a tear to your eye, don’t it?

Sweet Amber
Exploding on to the scene, with all guns blazing…….. alternative rock band Sweet Amber are on a mission to show the world that the NT is more than sweltering heat and dusty bush tracks. Off The Leash magazine describes the band as “a fantastic marriage of post punk/post grunge rock”. Taking influence from many corners of the music world, Sweet Amber is able to create a scorching dynamic sound sure to set your ears ablaze.
Tash Parker

Tash Parker is a vibrant young singer-songwriter originally from Kununurra, Western Australia. Since picking up the guitar for the first time at age 17, Tash has written over 40 songs and performed alongside some of Australia’s music industry greats including The Waifs, James Blundell, Kate Ceberano, Wendy Matthews and Richard Clapton.

Take the Helm

Originally formed in Darwin, Take The Helm is a four-piece rock band based in Melbourne. The line up comprises of Alex on guitar/vocals, Michael on guitar, Jason on bass, and Rob on drums. The band has played shows at basically every venue in Darwin, including skate parks and parties.

Tashka Urban

A third generation Alice Springs girl, at just 23 years of age Tashka has become a dynamic force in the Central Australian music scene. Along with her electronic arts, teaching, workshops and her music scores for film and theatre, Tashka’s stunning live performances bear witness to an artist who relishes the stage. Her vocal skills and musicianship are sublime, but never overtake the naked honesty which characterises her music.

Test Theory

Forming in Darwin towards the end of 2003, Test Theory have fought through the abundance of pub and cover acts in the Territory and built their own brand of music. Mixing rock, screamo and a touch of hardcore, Test Theory put on energetic gigs that show people what live music should really be about; the music, the audience and the connection between.

The Aviators

These crazy Darwin kids live and breathe rock ‘n’ roll, combining solid guitar, pumping bass and kicking drum beats with beautifully chilled vocals. They only formed in 2007 but they already have a CD on it’s way and have played many gigs around town to great acclaim.

The Bionic Hearts

The Bionic Hearts is the solo project of Gemma, and she enjoys it very much. Sometimes she’s two and other times she’s 35, but most of the time she’s 17. Gemma was the singer and bass player in Scarlet Revenge, Darwin’s best alt-pop band of 06!

Tiffany Cornell

Ex-local girl Tiffany Cornell is an acoustic singer/songwriter known for her beautiful voice and heartfelt compositions.

Tim Parish

Tim Parish grew up in Darwin and studied Fine Art at the Northern Territory University where he was also the editor of the student paper Delirra before becoming interestedin filmmaking. He then studied Media Arts at RMIT in Melbourne, where he also learned documentary-making while producing a community television show called Access News. Since then he has produced a body of work that dances in between video art and documentary, music video and short film. His work has been screened in festivals all around the world, including Electrofringe and Wild Spaces (Aus), Ok Video (Jakarta), Transmediale (Germany), Docomania (NZ), Democracy Now (US) and more.

Tin Pan Orange

Singer songwriter duo, Jesse and Emily Lubitz, write with flare about the poetics of the everyday uncanny. Their band, TinPan Orange, find on their musical journeys love in a flood and solitude in a crowd, binding the momentary with the eternal and the playful with the wretched.

Tom Bolton

Tom Bolton’s finely-crafted and lyrical contemporary folk songs come out of many years of the journey into music, drawing on a broad range of styles and influences. He’s been a finalist in the Australian Songwriters’ Association contest, had a song recorded by Victorian folk-legend Fay White on her “Trees, Stars and Other Wonders” album, and has a growing reputation as an engaging and energetic performer at folk clubs and acoustic music venues around Australia.

The Twin Sets

2 Piece garage rock band. Girl/Boy vox and noise to go!


These guys came all the way from France to play for us! How cool is that? Their operatic gypsy punk wowed a keen bunch of punters, they sold out of CD’s, and they had a small but significant influence on the Darwin music scene! A very special band.


Worldfly is an energetic acoustic pop trio with an adventurous sound honed on the streets of Paris and London and refined in the hothouse of Darwin’s alternative music scene. What really sets Worldfly apart is the contribution of gifted cellist Rebecca Harris who lends a sublime influence to this already intriguing new Australian act from the far north.

Xtian Green

Commonly referred to as the “angry folk singer”, Perth-born musician Xtian (pronounced Zee-shun) has been flicking back and forth between Darwin and Perth for about a year doing shows, recording and writing music. His sound lies somewhere between Luka Bloom and Something for Kate.


Darwin’s Grunge band, ZEDMAJOR are kicking down doors and screaming “Fire!” in an attempt to save your lives in an epic battle between “Crap” music and “Epic” music. This four piece are as energetic and entertaining as “a circus of monkeys”, with influences such as Soundgarden, Nirvana and Alice In Chains. With strong backgrounds of punk, metal and blues – ZEDMAJOR are the alterative rockers you’ve waited for.

Zero Option

Zero Option are a three piece outfit that formed in around May 06 in Darwin. Although they describe Jebediah, Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon as influences, they are way more intense than any of those losers.

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Megan Spencer
Mondo Lomo
January 2009

Zeb Dudgeon
stencil workshop and exhibition April 2008

alex eve

waiting for captain am

november 2006

marita albers

5-24 oct 2006

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