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Earth Day Captain Planet Special

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!
By your powers combined I am Captain Planet!

Oh yeah babies it's happening! Happy Yess and Amy Hetherington - Comedy present the International Earth Day Captain Planet Special. A night of music, comedy, facepainting, weirdness and love for the planet and Darwin creatives beings.

Hosted by Danielle Andrews as Captain Planet and featuring performances from: Emma Rowe Music (Fire), Broadwing (Wind), Andi Egan - Nancy Sparkle (Heart), At The Dakota (Earth) and Roxy providing Face Painting (Water)

It's a massive celebration before Happy Yess has a bit of a makeover... it's a gig you don't want to miss! Plus we'll have a prize for the best dressed 'Earth Inspired' costume!

Invite your mates and have a Planeteer Flashback!