Happy Yess. from day one. may 2006.

expert tile remover

the reaction to the peach laminex

zoom in to observe large rat shits everywhere

the beginnings of a bar in the background

first beer served at happy yess

killer shirt


beefcake construction worker

industrious lari gadza

is that legal?

amy in wife beater

if this job ended as good as his mums joint… she’ll be right

the ronald mcdonald colour technician

good colouring in skills

black suggested by weird old man walking past, backed up by rok poshtya

an OH&S nightmare

sign writers get technical


“what paint?”

now just get some pictures or something

that’ll do.

The Trank – Push the Music April 2007 – photo by Lucy Brown

Kris in Horsetrank mode playing Push the Music in April 2007 – photo by Lucy Brown

Elemental playing at Push the Music in April 2007 – photo by Lucy Brown

Here’s a cool snap of Enth Degree playing amongst the jellyfish on 16th November 2007 – by Fiona Steele

And those enigmatic rock divas from Crimson Ice rockin’ the main stage on 16th November 2007 – thanks again to Fiona¬† Steele

claptrap – saturday 9th September 2006. Photos by zeb.

tibor in the house!

juz and tibs – claptrap in action!

staight outta ludmilla

Lari gadza took the photos below

Go to her web page at

Happy punters

Couch potatos abound

If you’re having a good time touch some part of your face

Freeky squashed image of booth surfers

Hattie and friends

The Weathermen on stage at opening night

Line up

If there is nothing to do while waiting to get in…

…might as well busk or dance on the street

The Weathermen opening night

Nice work Lari.!/album.php?aid=245638&id=552805468&ref=mf

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